Top 10 Useless Things In PUBG Mobile

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Every one plays PUBG Mobile. This is my most favorite game on the mobile platform. But do you notice there are so many useless things have in PUBG mobile?

Don’t worry in this article I’m listing top 20 useless things in PUBG Mobile.

Somehow if you use those things, please don’t get offended; But I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me that 90% of things are useless.

List Of Useless Things In PUBG Mobile

10. 6X On S12K

S12K comes under shot-gun category and it supports 6X scope. We all know shot-guns are beast for the close-range fight. However, we use 6X mostly for sniping. But why 6X in S12K, is it that good as sniping? well NO! I think 6X on S12K is useless.

9. Horn

The next useless thing is horn in a vehicle. Maybe you use it to call back your teammate in the car. But you can also use the quick chat option. Horn is not necessary in that case. If you see the enemy’s vehicle in front of you, of course, you won’t be using the horn.

8. Choke/ Bullet Loops/ Duckbill

Choke, bullet loops and duckbill are the attachments you can equip on a shotgun. Bullet loops can decrease the reload speed. Duckbill reduces verticle spread. And choke helps bullet spread for a long shot.

who uses shot-gun until the last circle? For the initial flight, it’s ok to use. But if you are pretty good at this game and can handle close-range fight you can use shot-gun without attachment. In short, these attachments are useless.

The developers maybe add this for fun purpose.

7. Quiver

I’m pretty sure some of you don’t even get this what it is. It’s an attachment for the crossbow. It decreases the reloading time. There is only 1% player using this. Other 99% player doesn’t even care. In other words, it’s kinda useless.

6. Sickle/Crowbar/Machete

All three things are useless over the pan. If you found a pan and any other melee weapon, you probably lift the pan. Because the pan is really useful. It blocks bullets and also can knock down the enemy. But the other melee is not that great and useful.

5. R45

R45 is pistol category weapon using .45 ammunition. This gun exclusive to Miramar, replacing R1895. Not all pistols are useless, in starting player does use pistols. But R45 firing speed is so low compared to other pistols. Also, it’s reloading time long. In short, using this pistol is worthy or in other-words useless.

4. R1895

Yes, another pistol category weapon. Although it’s a powerful revolver using 7.75 ammunition. It’s one headshot on level 1 helmet can do serious damage. But this is useless because its reloading time is so long also firing speed is not so good. If the enemy has any melee weapon, you might be got killed.

3. Crossbow

Crossbow is the one and only silent weapon in PUBG Mobile. It doesn’t do much damage on body shot but it can penetrate a level 3 helmet. This is useless because it is way too much slower plus Bullet drop is so high. It’s is so hard to control master this weapon.

2. Apple

You get 10 apples when you are on spawn island before the match start. And, this is completely useless. You can throw this on other players. I don’t know what is the uses of theses. I think it’s for fun or maybe you can practice for throwing grenades.

1. Skins

The #1 most useless thing in PUBG Mobile is weapon or vehicle skin. One thing is so wrong, Player always get confuses between skills and skins. Player’s mindset like more skin means more skills; No! If you don’t have any skin but your skills are better, you can easily kill a player who has lots of gun skin and clothes. Skins made your guns look better that’s it. That’s why this is the most useless thing.

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