PS4 Jailbreak | What Is It, And What Are The Benefits Of PS4 Jailbreak?

The current generation console PS5 and Xbox Series X offer far better performance in games than the last-gen. If you own a PS4, you must hear people talking about PS4 jailbreak. Now, you might think, what the hack is PS4 jailbreak and why are people talking about it so much? In this article, you’ll get everything you need to know about PS4 jailbreak.

Before talking about PS4 in particular, let’s understand first what jailbreak is?

What Is Jailbreak?

Let’s break the “jailbreak” term into two. Jail means simply jail/prison, or break means simply breakdown. Every digital device is made with two main components. 1. Hardware and 2. Software. Whether it’s on your mobile phone, your PC, or any normal apps or games, every software has some restrictions.

This software level restriction prevents someone from doing something, which is technically not legal to do with the product. So breaking restrictions on the software and allow yourself to do something, which you wouldn’t do if the restriction has had, is called a jailbreak.

Let’s understand with an example. Suppose I want to download any paid apps or games from the app store. I can only do it if I paid for it or somehow made some software changes to bypass the payment process. Thus, I can get the paid apps for free (ILLEGALLY).

Jailbreaking something is not completely illegal; illegal is when you download pirated apps and games. In addition jailbreaking any product can result in a warranty void, excluding the product from getting updates and support.

Every new device comes with new technology. Therefore, it is not easy to jailbreak that device. But as the device getting old, jailbreak becomes easier.

What Is PS4 Jailbreak?

Like every other device, PS4 also has system software and hardware, as obvious. Sometimes the software is also called firmware. Jailbreaking PS4 means making some changes to its firmware. By making the changes, you can do such things, which you could not do before. For example, you can download games completely free. In addition, you can add mods, themes, extra features, etc.

Advantages Of PS4 Jailbreak

Here are some benefits of jailbreaking your PS4.

Download and install games for free: Jailbreak allows you to bypass the payment process. So, the biggest advantage is, now you can download and play games completely free or at a meager price.

Backward compatibility: By default, PS4 doesn’t support backward compatibility. With jailbreak, you can play the old PS2 and PS3 games on ps4. Generally, it does not support playing PS2 or PS3 games on ps4. But after jailbreak, you can easily play.

Custom ROM and themes: You can download custom ROM and different themes to customize or look better. In addition, you can apply different mods in games.

Disadvantages Of PS4 Jailbreak

Here are some drawback of jailbreaking your PS4.

Online gaming on PS4: After jailbreaking your PS4, you no longer able to play online multiplayer games. So forgot about competitive FPS titles like Warzone, Apex, MMO RPG games like WOW, Skyrim online, etc.

Completely void warranty: In the future, If you face any problem after jailbreak. Unfortunately, the service center couldn’t fix your problem because your service warranty will no longer be available after jailbreak.

Playing new games: Do you think you can play games for free? Well, sort of, but you can’t play new games that are about to come out. You have to wait to be pirated for the new games, which is again an illegal thing.

Say goodbye to the PlayStation Network: You can’t access the PlayStation network. If you try to log in to your account, you probably get banned or blocked. So, if you do jailbreak your PS4, you can goodbye the PS network and all the benefits that come with the service.

Should You Jailbreak Your PS4?

Should you jailbreak your PS4 or not, it’s up to you. I’ve already mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of PS4 jailbreak. Based on that, you can think about whether the benefits are well enough that encourage you to jailbreak your PS4. Or, if the drawback makes you worried about your console, you shouldn’t want to do that.

Even though PS4 only under 1 year of warranty, if you have the PS4 well over a year, in that case voiding your warranty is not something to care about. But as I’ve mentioned before, besides the warranty, there are many other things like online gaming, access to new games, etc., that might affect your gaming experience on the console.

So if you want to jailbreak PS4, here is how you can do that. But, do it with your risks.

Step By Step Guide On How To Jailbreak PS4?

The current version of PS4 is 8.03, released on 14/04/2021. However, the jailbreak is not available for the latest version. The version that has been exploited is 7.55 or lower. So if you have version 7.55 or lower, you can jailbreak. If not, you have no way to downgrade it, so you have to wait to release the next jailbreak.

Step 1: DNS Changes

First, while we are connected to the Internet, we quickly change some DNS settings as we don’t want to connect to Sony’s network after the jailbreak.

To change the DNS settings go to, Settings > Set up Internet connection > WIFI or Lan > Custom > Automatic > Do Not Specify > Manual

Set the Primary DNS to and secondary DNS to
Next, keep the rest as it is.

So, what it is doing, is if you go to the user guide, it’ll show you the exploit page. Also, block all network connections from the PS network.

Step 2: Disconnect The PS4 From Internet And Stops Automatics Downloads

After changing the DNS, disconnects the internet connection. Also, disable all the automatic downloads and updates. This is because we don’t want to update the system automatically.

To disconnect from the Internet, go to Settings > Network > uncheck “Connect to the Internet.”

To stop automatic downloads, go to Settings > Automatic Downloads > uncheck all the options.

Step 3: Check The Firmware Version

You can check your firmware version by going to the Setting. First, scroll down to the very least and select System. Then, inside the system menu, go to System Information.

Settings > System > System Information

Here you will see the current firmware version of your PS4.

Step 4: Setting Up The Jailbreak And Running Payloads

If you open the inbuilt web browser, it will show you some hosts to download the jailbreak from. Then, according to your version, see which host has the jailbreak available. The main jailbreak I’ll use for this guide is MIRA. There is also a payload called HEN. All do the same thing, BTW.

Before running any payload, clear all the browsing history, website data, and cookies also disable the cookies.

First payload, Before running the main payload, first, run the Disable updates payload. It’ll stop downloading and install any updates on the hard drive.

During the process, it may sometimes complain about insufficient memory. It takes some attempt to run and finish the process. If the process is failed over and over again, reboot the PS4 and try again. After successfully run Disable updates, clear the history and data, then run…

Second Payload, History blocker. It’ll prevent you from going to a webpage that exploits have been previously explored and run successfully.

Main Payload/Jailbreak, After running disable updates and history blocker jailbreak, run the main payload MIRA 7.55 (7.55 is the jailbreak version that should match the firmware version).

During the running payload, it’ll reboot the PS4 automatically. At this point, you have successfully jailbreak PS4.

Key Things To Note

The MIRA payload is not permanent, meaning every time you reboot the PS4, you have to run only the MIRA (or HEN if you were using that) again, not Disable updates or History blocker. You still have the games and other stuff you have downloaded but with a padlock symbol on it.

So don’t forget to run MIRA every time you restart the console.


That was about PS4 jailbreak. We have covered what a jailbreak is?, the advantages and disadvantages, how you can successfully jailbreak the PS4? Should you use jailbreak or not. If you want to know something feels free to ask in the comment.

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