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BioMutant is an interesting upcoming role-playing action video game developed by the Swedish company Experiment 1010 and marketed by THQ Nordic. The game is scheduled to release on May 25, 2021. Developers have built BioMutant for several platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. To know more about BioMutant, continue reading below.


There’s no fixed storyline in BioMutant. It has a branching storyline where the end of the game is determined by the decisions and actions of individual players. The game features a world struck by the plague which is spreading from beneath the earth’s surface and contaminating the tree of life. The tree of life has five roots that are responsible for giving life to mankind. Players aim to save the tree of Life and consequently have to reach the end of every root and defeat a creature that is solely responsible for the destruction of the tree of life.BioMutant-pc-dvd

The world is shown to be inhabited by six tribes who are divided amongst them. Three of the tribes are good and aim to heal the world while three evil tribes plan to do whatever they like. Players can influence every tribe to do the right actions through the karma system. Players can join a particular tribe and defeat other existing tribes in intense combats to increase their team’s power. Players also have the choice to determine the end of their game’s story without killing the other existing tribes.


Featuring an open-world environment, BioMutant is an engaging action role-playing video game played from the third-person perspective. Players play in a mammalian world that’s inhabited by mutated animals. Usually, players customize their character traits like length, sex, body shape, fangs, thickness, and fur. Whatever you modify will impact your character stats during gameplay.

While combating, players can combine long-range shooting and melee attacks. Players have to gather various parts and resources while exploring and use them in the right way to create deadly weapons.

There are innumerable affixes like cryogenic and electrical, which can be extremely effective during battles. When you fix a cryogenic element into a weapon and hit at enemies, they will freeze instantly. Players also have the power to combine the effects of multiple weapons by changing the weapons during combats.

By mutating, players can modify their looks and character traits. They can also change their abilities by attaching biomechanical body parts like wings, robotic legs, claws, etc. These added body parts can be used in several situations to your advantage. For reaching particular regions, the player has to take necessary measures like changing gears, body parts, obtaining specific vehicles like jet skies or hot air balloons, etc. Players will always be encountering obstacles from their surroundings.

However, using their resources and body parts, they have to overcome them. Obstacles include a shortage of oxygen in the death zone. To overcome that, players must carry an oxygen container so that they can explore deeper and deeper into the tunnels and discover new areas.

Players can also explore the open-world environment by foot or using a hot air balloon, mech, jet ski, or by flying. Developers have also included effects of weather changes, featuring dynamic weather in the game. The addition of the day and night cycle adds a realistic and life-like touch to the game.


BioMutant is a Fung Fu-styled role-playing video game that combines a unique martial arts-styled combat system and melee, mutant, and shooting ability actions. The game features a worldwide plague that’s affecting the people and features a tree of life that is bleeding to death from its roots. The inhabitants aren’t united. Players explore a vast region of turmoil and chaos and fight to determine its fate. Will players be able to save the world or endanger its existence even more? If you are willing to know about BioMutant, continue reading below:

Game-combat-150x150 (7)

  • A different style of combat 

The martial arts-styled combat mechanism makes the game unique and interesting to be played. Players have complete freedom of movement in the game. As players progress they master new forms of Fung fu combats. Thus, the game has a variety of content to offer, ensuring the combat never gets old.

Game-modes-2-150x150 (2)

  • Evolve your gameplay 

Players have to option to modify their genetic structure to change how they look. It also changes their playing mechanisms. This affects their attributes and leads to bio-contamination in the world. Players can create mutations like Mucus Bubble and Turtleform. Players also have the choice to recode their genetic structure. Radiations exposed from bunkers from the ancient world affect the minds of players and unlock psi- mutations like levitation, telekinesis, etc.

New-crafting-system-150x150 (3)

  • Crafting mechanism to another level 

While players craft items, they are free to use any resource they want. They can mix and match parts to create their unique crush or slash weapons. The game offers a wide variety of ammunition to choose from like rifles, revolvers, shotguns, etc. While exploring, players might even encounter characters who would craft unique stuff like a jump pack, bionic wings, etc.

Adventure-150x150 (1)

  • Extremely adventurous and thrilling 

When customizing your character, you enjoy complete freedom. You can decide what weapons to use and create. You can also decide what type of geat to wear. Equip an oxygen tank and gas mask while you explore the dead zones. Also, make sure to wear thermos-resistant clothes while exploring cryonic areas. Most importantly, wear protective gear while conquering bio-contaminated creatures.


  • Survive in an open vibrant world 

The game gives complete freedom of movement to players. They are free to wander around and discover what lies beneath its surface by any means. You can walk, use a mech or jet ski, or air balloon to explore various landscapes. Players love to explore the wildlife, which is in ruins, the bunkers and tunnels leading to the underworld, and find themselves up in the mountain peaks or the middle of the archipelago. The game offers lots of being discovered, unraveled, and confront.

The actions of players determine how the story would get unfolded. Different players implement different tactics and hence their game ends differently. Are you ready to unite the tribes and fight together to save the world or be the cause of their ultimate doom? Let yourself be guided by a storyteller that narrates how your journey progresses. The game’s interesting and engaging. Players have especially loved the game’s role-playing elements along with the visuals and soundtrack.


Name BioMutant
Initial Release Date 2019
Director(s) Stefan Ljungqvist
Experiment 101
Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Publishers THQ Nordic
Category PC Games >Action, Role-Playing


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  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or later (64-Bit)
  • Processor: i5-3570k 3,4 GHz 4 Core
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 660 2GB
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Broadband required for online coop


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system



No, BioMutant only allows users to play in a single-player mode.


BioMutant can be played in a variety of consoles like Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.


Yes, BioMutant is a different kind of game belonging to the RPG class. While retaining the major features of a role-playing action, the game also shows unique features and attributes.