Best Fan Control Software For Windows (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for software to control your fan speed? Whether it is the CPU fan, GPU fan, or any fan installed in your system, this fan control software allows you to control your PC fan speed as well as monitor hardware info such as temperature, voltage, clock speed, usage, etc.

Best Fan Control Software

  1. MSI Afterburner
  2. EasyTune 5
  3. SpeedFan
  4. HWMonitor
  6. Argus Monitor

1. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is perhaps most used as overclocking utility software. This versatile tool is often used for overclocking your GPU. Other than that, it allows you to control your fan speed, monitor your hardware usage while gaming, F.P.S. monitoring, and more.

The one-click fan speed setup makes it very easy to use and user-friendly. It can also automatically control fan speed according to the hardware temperature.

Besides automatic fan speed, you can set up a custom fan profile, which adjusts the fan speed depending on hardware temperature. With a one-click setup and easy usability make MSI Afterburner is one of my favourite fan speed software.

2. Easy Tune 5

Easy Tune 5 offers more than just a P.C. fan controller. This versatile utility tool has packed with tons of powerful and easy-to-use features. The user interface is easy to use also the tools are easy to set up.

The Smart Fan Control gives you direct control over your CPU cooling fan as well as North-Bridge Chipset cooling fan speed. Folks with less tech knowledge, “easy mode” is what you’ll be looking for. Just set the desired fan speed according to the temperature, and you’re good to go.

Other than the fan speed controller, Easy Tune 5 lets you monitor your hardware status, check the P.C.’s overall health, overclock the system for better performance.

The C.I.A. (CPU Intelligent Accelerator) and M.I.B. (Memory Intelligent Booster) squeeze performance from CPU and memory and make the system faster.

3. SpeedFan

Probably the best fan control software for P.C. is SpeedFan. It’s been among P.C. users since Windows 9x time making it one of the oldest fan control software. Speed Fan gives you full control over the fan speed, also gives you useful information on hardware such as temperature, voltage, usage, etc.

Using digital temperature sensors, SpeedFan can automatically adjust the CPU and cabinet fan speed. If you are not satisfied with the automatic result, you can configure everything manually.

SpeedFan has access to the S.M.A.R.T. info, which giver you information about the temperature of your hard disks.

Setting up this software is relatively easy. Open up the tool and set minimum and maximum speed. You might need to hear out which fan you are controlling.

4. HWMonitor

Another P.C. hardware monitoring and fan control software HWMonitor. In terms of monitoring and giving statistics about your current hardware status, this might be one of the best software out there.

The user interface might not look attractive as other software on our list. At first glance, you might be confused looking at it.

HWMonitor does not just control fan speed. It also monitors all the hardware you have installed in the P.C. and gives useful information such as voltage, min and max temp, power consumption, and fan speed.

5. ZOTAC Firestorm

Another fan control software is Z.O.T.A.C. Firestorm. Z.O.T.A.C. is one of the reputed brands in the P.C. hardware market. Their Firestorm software gives you so many powerful features and tools at your disposal.

With the fan control, you can change your fan speed. You can also set a custom fan profile according to the temperature. Not only just fan speed, but this tool can also overclock GPU, change graphics card’s RGB color, monitor real-time stats such as temp, voltage, clock speed, etc., of the graphics card.

One of the standout features of this program is its user interface. With minimal and easy navigation helps users very easy to control fan speed. One downside is that this tool doesn’t let you control the CPU fan speed but gives you full control over the graphics card.

6. Argus Monitor

One of the best and lightweight fan control software is Argus Monitor. This versatile tool allows you to control every fan installed in your system, whether a CPU fan or a cabinet fan.

It also has access to S.M.A.R.T., which allows this tool to read the temperature of your HDD or S.S.D. and keep track of the system’s overall health. Argus Monitor can detect drive failure early on with 70% accuracy, which gives you time to transfer your data to another drive.

Even though this is fan control software, it also gives you information about CPU and GPU temperature, clock speed, power consumption, memory usage, and much more.

The user interface is also easy to use and navigate. The one downside is that this is paid software. It will give you a 30days free trial. After that, you need to purchase it.

Final Word

These are the most popular and most used fan control software. All of this software gives you full control over your fans and helps you monitor other hardware informations.

What do you think about these tools? Let me know in the comment.

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